Our Best Gravimetric Powder Feeder: Success Story

We are proud to bring another success story!

We received the following request for our gravimetric screw feeder, PowderSave-G, from the US-based customer:

“I am designing an automated powder dispense system to replenish the copper in a plating system. We are now evaluating the experimental powder. For the replenish I am looking at something like your PowderSave-G dispenser. My control panel will control the motors and dispense the powder into a dump cup mounted on a laboratory scale that sends the weight to my controller. If this system is approved for production we are planning on 6 to 8 separate, identical systems.”



PowderSave-G is a gravimetric screw feeder. Its design allows handling free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders as well as other bulk materials.

Feeding is accurate and simple to perform. The loss-in-weight PowderSave-G is mounted on a weighing plate connected to LIAD’s controller.

PowderSave asks to simply define the desired flow rate (setpoint). The controller continuously monitors and controls the material flow. It also automatically adjusts motor speed and the screw, according to the predefined set point.

After supplying the unit we received the flowing e-mail several months later:

“This PowderSave has proven to be ideal for this application. The system finally got set up to dispense 14.5 grams about every 5 minutes. Due to the offset of the auger, each single dispensing is different, but every 4 I get precisely 58 grams every-time. Also, to keep the powder chamber clean I put a cap from the clean room over the opening.
This was a great choice for this setup. It is good quality and durable.”

This is the type of exchange that makes us proud.

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