ColorSave 1000U

LIAD is pleased to introduce the next generation of ColorSave 1000, a single component gravimetric feeding system. The new model, ColorSave 1000U replaces ColorSave 1000ST that has been an integral part of the product lineup for the past six years.

What new features have we added in ColorSave 1000U?

ColorSave 1000U comes with a new PLC from Unitronics. This PLC is a fast and extremely reliable. It is an all-in-one unit, meaning a PLC & HMI combined, a controller with a color touch screen all-in-one unit all from within a simple and intuitive user interface.

Just like in ColorSave 1000ST, the ColorSave 1000U version of gravimetric feeding system supports injection molding, extrusion and extrusion blow molding. Our technological advancement comes in the form of a feature that allows to use the same control unit for three separate applications, moving from one application to the other in a simple touch of a button, negating the need to update software or rewiring.

As the same control unit is used with the same wiring for three different applications, the newest gravimetric feeder comes with built-in support for Modbus TCP communication which can also be used also for the extrusion application without the need for additional components. Furthermore, LIAD has expanded the memory capacity in ColorSave 1000U and the system is able to support 1,000 separate recipes.

A new feature of ColorSave 1000U is the built-in Venturi emptying device. This revolutionary feature by LIAD enables emptying the hopper and screw feeder without the hassle associated with climbing on the production unit to empty the feeder. With the push of one button the emptying mechanism opens a door at the bottom of the feeder and via a blast of air pressure forms a vacuum that draws the raw material back to its original container, while the screw rotates backwards, and the air nozzle blows air and empties the screw.

LIAD has improved its Venturi loading mechanism, allowing the inlet to fully rotate around its axis, according to the need of each production machine.

LIAD intends to continue and sell ColorSave 1000ST until the end of 2020, with continued spare part and technical support to its many users and customers.

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