DualSave: Precision Redefined with Micro-Dosing Capability

We are committed to continuously improving our solutions to meet the evolving challenges faced by our customers in the plastic industry. Our latest innovation further enhances the capabilities of the DualSave dosing system, offering an advanced feature that brings ultimate precision to feeding processes.

DualSave has already made waves with its ability to regulate two feeders connected to the same neckpiece, controlled by a single unit. With its unparalleled accuracy and versatility, it has proven to be a game-changer for manufacturers worldwide.

Our new feature – Micro dosing with DualSave

We are happy to introduce the new micro-dosing option, based on our highly acclaimed ColorSave-Micro technology. With the enhanced DualSave, customers have the flexibility to configure the system with two channels, where one channel is micro-dosing. This innovative feature opens up a world of possibilities for precision feeding in applications that require extremely small dosing quantities.

The micro-dosing option on DualSave ensures unrivaled accuracy and control, enabling manufacturers to achieve the highest levels of precision in their production processes. Whether it's for specialized injection molding, extrusion, or extrusion blow molding applications, the enhanced DualSave with micro-dosing capability provides a cutting-edge solution for industries demanding utmost accuracy in feeding operations.

Experience the enhanced DualSave with micro-dosing option and elevate your feeding processes to a new level of precision and performance.

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