Efficient Powder Feeding Solutions

As a leading provider of innovative solutions for the plastic industry, we are committed to advanced material handling processes. Our comprehensive range of feeding and blending systems is designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. In this post, we will highlight two feeding solutions: PowderSave-V, our volumetric powder screw feeder, and PowderSave-G, our gravimetric powder screw feeder.

Streamline Material Feeding with PowderSave-V

PowderSave-V is a versatile volumetric screw feeder specifically engineered to handle free-flowing powders and various bulk materials. Our stainless-steel screw, powered by an AC motor, enables quick and accurate feeding. The screw's quick-release feature facilitates effortless maintenance and replacement. With an AC motor-driven stainless-steel agitator, PowderSave-V ensures consistent and homogeneous material dispensing to the screw. Available in various capacities, PowderSave-V caters to diverse production requirements. The feeder's large opening facilitates fast and hassle-free filling, while all parts in contact with the material are constructed with stainless steel to ensure optimal hygiene and durability.

Achieve Precise Feeding Control with PowderSave-G

For precise and reliable feeding of free-flowing powders and bulk materials, PowderSave-G is the ideal choice. This gravimetric screw feeder operates on a loss-in-weight principle, mounted on a weighing plate connected to our advanced controller. Setting the desired flow rate (set point) is all it takes for our controller to continuously monitor and regulate material flow. With adjustable motor speed, PowderSave-G ensures accurate dosing according to the predefined set point. Like its volumetric counterpart, PowderSave-G features a stainless-steel screw and agitator, quick-release functionality, and options for different capacities and extension hoppers. The robust construction using stainless steel guarantees product integrity and longevity.

At LIAD, we understand the importance of efficient material handling in the plastic industry. Our PowderSave-V and PowderSave-G feeders are solutions that optimize operations and enhance productivity. Whether you require volumetric or gravimetric feeding, our reliable systems are tailored to meet your specific needs. Explore LIAD's comprehensive range of feeding and blending systems to take your plastic manufacturing to new heights of efficiency and quality.


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