LIAD-Cloud – a new cloud-based monitoring solution

We are proud to launch LIAD-Cloud, a cloud-based system that enables monitor and control of our systems in a remote connection through access to the cloud and receiving insights on their performance.

Using LIAD-Cloud, the manufacturing and quality assurance departments can collaborate, learn and monitor processes. In addition to monitoring, alerts for different users can be invoked in real-time: to operators, maintenance personnel, production managers, quality and production control, and operational excellence.

How do our systems connect to LIAD-Cloud?

The systems are connected to LIAD-cloud through a transmitter which is part of the control system. The transmitter uses a cellular SIM card to transmit and receive data. The data security level is high and all transmitted data is encrypted.

There is a strict authorization hierarchy that defines the permitted functions for every user on LIAD-Cloud, so that there is no risk that users will be exposed to information that they are not supposed to see.

Connecting to LIAD-Cloud is simple and easy. The moment the transmitter is connected to the system it immediately starts to transmit information to the LIAD-Cloud.

Simple and user-friendly application

Use of the application is simple, with easy menus and clear graphic indicators: Green – the system is connected and functions properly, orange – there is an alert and red – the system is not connected.

Relevant information about the entire production floor can be received, even information from several production sites. Alternatively, the information displayed can be filtered by specific machines.

The information screen display is both graphical and numerical, including critical parameters, historical data, trends, and performance alerts. Reports can be generated and exported in Excel format. The maintenance screens in LIAD-Cloud display information about machine calibrations and alert history. The information can also be sent to the plant’s ERP, individually tailored by the LIAD development team.

For simple training, LIAD-Cloud includes user manuals for the machines as well as video clips. If needed, the user can contact the LIAD support team through the application, and one of us will get back to the user and help with operating the machine.

Simple and easy transition to Industry 4.0

With LIAD-Cloud, our users receive a solution suited for Industry 4.0, while not having to make significant IT investments. Information availability at any given time enables the detection of production process bottlenecks and their immediate handling. Real-time alerts allow rapid repair of malfunctions and decrease production waste, thus – improving quality and reducing costs. Finally, employees from different departments are connected to the same information system, contributing to cross-departmental lateral collaboration.

New machines can be supplied with a transmitter, if selected, and transmitters also can be connected to existing equipment. We will be glad to help in the digital transformation of your production floor!

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