LIAD to Exhibit New Plastics Technologies at K 2016

LIAD, a developer of innovative plastics auxiliary equipment, has announced it will be exhibiting its complete range of new plastics auxiliary technologies at the tri-annual K 2016 tradeshow, in addition to many products from their existing line of high-end feeders and blenders.

Over the past year, LIAD has introduced 3 new plastics technologies that are dramatically improving production efficiency. Called BlendSave, ColorSave-Micro and SpectroSave, these new feeders, blenders and quality control spectrometers will be made available for public viewing together for the first time at the K plastics tradeshow, following a number of successful deployments in factories throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

The patented ColorSave-Micro is a gravimetric feeder for small products that brings manufacturers a reduction in product rejects, maintenance time and masterbatch waste. Its use of a single vibrating channel for additive feeding reaches near absolute accuracy, meaning no downtime for calibration or differing feed rates.

BlendSave is a new gravimetric blenders which leverages unmatched weighing accuracy and innovative design to improve the masterbatch production process and significantly reduce the need for auxiliary mixers and hopper loaders. After successful integration within multiple factories, BlendSave enables masterbatch compounders working with mono-masterbatch granules to create any color shade via high-speed automatic blending of primary masterbatch shades, and enables plastics manufacturers to significnatly improve production efficiency. Finally, LIAD’s development of SpectroSave leverages its relationship with plastics manufacturers to expand the company’s product range and offer the first spectrometer to perform inline color quality control with real time communication to the processing machines.

In addition to these new technologies, LIAD will be displaying FlowSave, PowderSave, ColorSave 1000 and ColorSave 1000V. ColorSave 1000 was the world’s first loss in weight gravimetric feeder to be used with injection molding machines, while the ColorSave 1000V is a smart volumetric feeder that provides real time loss in weight data similar to its gravimetric counterparts. In line with LIAD’s commitment to integrating existing and next-gen technologies, the ColorSave 1000 will be connected to the new SpectroSave to demonstrate in-line feed rate correction of additive dosing.

Uri Eisenstein, the General Manager of LIAD commented, “LIAD has invested a tremendous amount of resources in developing these new technologies for the plastics industry. We are looking forward to the K show, as we believe the industry has not seen innovation like ours in a very long time.”

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