Spectro 4.0 – inline quality control presented at K 2022

The recently launched Spectro 4.0 quality control system will be seen in action at our booth at the upcoming K 2022 exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany in October. The Spectro 4.0 system detects color deviations in products and can be installed in-line. The system can measure color using an optical sensor, and indicate when there is a deviation from the defined tolerances. It can alert, sort out defective products or even halt production. The color reading is accurate and does not depend on texture, orientation or the shape of the part. The exhibition demonstration will showcase a continuous inspection of bottles in different color shades. The data will also be transmitted to the cloud and also seen on the tablet screen displayed at the booth.

The system will be exhibited at the LIAD booth in Hall 11/I54. Come see for yourself and meet us there!

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