Compounding World – July 2019

LIAD would like to thank Compounding World Magazine for showcasing our accomplishments with SpectroSave, the patented & revolutionary in-line photo spectrometer in their July 2019 edition.

LIAD has devoted tremendous resources not only to producing top-of-the-line weighing systems, but to guarantee the right color each and every time. We strive to ensure that product rejects are kept to a minimum, providing superior product quality.

LIAD delivers superior quality assurance for each plastic unit with SpectroSave which provides plastic manufacturing plants another layer of assurance for product quality and cost-savings throughout the manufacturing process.

The system checks the color for each product and compares it in-line to a reference part. Along with automatic color adjustments, achieved by sending the feedback to our ColorSave system, we provide real-time analysis of masterbatch dispensing whilst minimizing rejects.

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