DualSave: now with powders


We are happy to introduce a renovated version of DualSave!

DualSave has already gained the trust of the largest manufactures worldwide for its accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Just like before, the updated dosing system regulates two feeders connected to the same neckpiece with a single control unit. What is unique in this version is that now it can process powders. Depending on the manufacturers’ needs, they can request both of the units processing powder or just one of them. 

The unique design of this gravimetric screw feeder allows handling free-flowing powders as well as other bulk materials. The loss-in-weight powder channel is placed on a weighting plate connected to LIAD’S controller. All you need to do is to define the desired flow rate (set point) and the controller will continuously monitor and control the materials flow, automatically adjusting motors speed and the screw according to the predefined set point. It  is possible to to use a butterfly valve between the intermediate hopper and the powder channel. This way you can automatically control the load of additional powder every time the current powder is about to run out.


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