LIAD at K 2022

Premiering at K 2022 – New developments and a central dosing system in action

Come check out the advanced color control instruments, feeders and central dosing system. The systems will operate continuously with raw materials throughout the exhibition days. Our large LIAD team looks forward to seeing you there.

The booth was revamped and its display area enlarged to about 80 sqm to accommodate the systems. Visitors will get a hands-on impression with a live demonstration using raw material granules.

BlendSave stands out above all others

Every plant with numerous manufacturing machines is familiar with the headache of preparing different blends for feeding tens of machines simultaneously. When weighing is performed manually, or even when local dosing systems are used, the chance of a mistake increases significantly, and with it the risk of manufacturing scrap and loss of time and money.

The BlendSave central dosing system was developed to address these issues, as it performs dosing and weighing accurately and rapidly for tens of weighing stations. At the exhibition you will see a system with 10 weighing channels and distribution to the OctoBatch system with 20 separate hoppers, where each hopper can be connected to a different manufacturing machine which loads the dose. The system will operate as a closed system, loading the raw material and dosing it into the distribution system, drawing the material to the top of the tower into the dosing system, and repeating the process. BlendSave can provide an even more expanded solution for up to 50 different manufacturing machines.

Another product, MixeReceiver, will be exhibited next to the BlendSave. This unique product combines a mixer and a loader in one product. The demonstration will showcase how raw material passes through the device, where it is mixed, drops into a transparent container and is then drawn up and loaded into one of the BlendSave raw material channels.

Quality control of color products during the manufacturing process

Alongside the central dosing system we will also present the in-line optical quality control systems it launched recently – Spectro 4.0 and ColorSave SpectroMetric. The Spectro 4.0 system measures the color with an optical sensor. An alert is received if there is a deviation, so that the defective products can be sorted out or the manufacturing process can even be halted. The color measurement is accurate and does not depend on texture, orientation or the shape of the part. The demonstration will showcase continuous measurement of blue and green bottles in different color shades rotating on a carousel. The measurement data will be uploaded to the cloud, and the Spectro 4.0 system indicators will be seen on a tablet screen displayed in the booth.

The ColorSave SpectroMetric system will be exhibited nearby. In addition to quality control, this system can also change the color dosing in order to correct a deviation from the tolerance limit. The system is automatic, without human contact, and ensures accurate and quality production at any given time. In addition, the weighing feeding system self-corrects according to the color measurement obtained. At the exhibition this system will also measure the color of bottles in different color shades, and visitors will be able to see the changes it performs in the dosing of the color in the material passing through it.

Different size feeders

The up-to-date version of our most popular feeder – ColorSave 1000, will be exhibited at the booth. The feeder enables automatic emptying using a Venturi vacuum pump. The ColorSave 1000 feeder opens with a hinge lid for easier calibration and cleaning.

ColorSave Micro – a unique feeder for accurately feeding of especially small quantities. The dose range is broad, from several grams per hour up to 6,000 gr/hr. The feeder can be used with a wide range of materials, in different shapes and sizes, as well as with micro-granules.

DualSave – used when working with two feeding channels in parallel, configured for volumetric or weight feeding in any desired combination and for a range of materials and manufacturing processes. Automatic synchronization between the channels provides quality and reproducible end products. A feeder with one weight feeding channel and one volumetric feeding channel will be showcased at the exhibition. This model is suitable for working with regrind material in the volumetric feeding channel. The concentrate quantity changes automatically depending on the regrind quantity fed into the feeder.

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