Rotating Venturi Loader

LIAD is proud to announce a change to our Rotating Venturi Loader.

Though the change may seem minor, it offers ease-of-use and a more productive working environment. The development team at LIAD has developed a change to its Venturi Loader. The change allows the inlet to fully rotate around its axis based on the specific need of each production machine, and as such forcing the hose to remain straight which offers a much more convenient working environment.

No Twists & Turns!

Masterbatch feeders usually loads materials using air pressure Venturi pumps. These pumps take the masterbatch from designated containers located near each production machine. The masterbatch then passes through a flexible hose and enters the feeder through an inlet on the receiver. The feeder is installed on the production machine in such a manner usually dictated by space limitations on the machine itself. In some cases, the position of the feeder and the masterbatch container force the hose to twist and turn. The new development by LIAD allows the inlet to fully rotate around its axis, according to the needs of each specific production machine.

Lower Energy Consumption

Working with LIAD’s new Rotating Venuri Loader ensures its customers with a better workflow, and most importantly it allows our customers to save energy. The energy savings is created by the fact that the hose no longer has to twist and turn, creating for even and constant flow of material. Additionally, saving energy ensures lower production costs and which provides for better efficiency hence increasing profitability.

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