LIAD’s Spectro 4.0 Joins Forces with Eigen Innovations

In today’s competitive plastic manufacturing landscape, ensuring product quality and minimizing production hiccups is paramount. At LIAD, we understand this need, and we’re excited to introduce our collaboration with Eigen Innovations, a leader in machine vision solutions for plastics. This partnership has led to the integration of our patented Spectro 4.0 color monitoring and management solution into Eigen’s machine vision solutions, creating an all-encompassing quality monitoring and management platform.

Spectro 4.0: The Smart Color Measurement System

Our Spectro 4.0 is a revolutionary color measurement system that offers in-line color measuring capabilities. It works tirelessly to ensure that every part in production meets the predetermined color specifications. Utilizing fiber optic sensors, it continuously compares color data to the preset color standards throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent and precise color monitoring without interrupting production or causing delays through sample collection and testing.

Elevating Quality through Correlation

Eigen’s machine vision solutions are designed to capture and correlate all the data required for comprehensive quality assessment. Camera sensors, Edge processors, and seamless connectivity facilitate the generation of digital records enriched with essential quality and process data for every part produced. These records are meticulously processed at the Edge, enabling operators to review flagged entries. Additionally, Eigen’s solutions operate on an open software platform, making it possible to integrate and correlate critical data from various sensors and sources for each product record.

Efficiency and Savings Through Integration

The union of Spectro 4.0 and Eigen’s machine vision solutions has a profound impact on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations. Together, they drastically reduce downtime, masterbatch consumption, product rejections, and scrap costs.
Spectro 4.0 ensures consistent color quality, and with standardized digital records through Eigen’s cloud platform, instant quality insights are achievable. This partnership takes automation to a new level, allowing one model to be deployed across multiple machines, making machine learning scalable. It offers real-time adjustments for color consistency, reducing the need for manual intervention. Real-time quality monitoring and color measurements empower Production and Quality teams to make prompt process adjustments and color corrections during production, while also providing historical data for future productivity enhancements.

Eigen-cooperationA Global Solution for the Plastic Industry

Spectro 4.0 is designed to meet the unique demands of plastic injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion processes. It allows manufacturers to maintain uniform color standards, whether in-house or with contract processors worldwide. This innovative system also integrates optional cloud services, enabling color performance verification for each production line wherever cellular service is available.

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