FlowSave Incorporating Small & Accurate Feeding

LIAD’s FlowSave is a continuous multi-channel gravimetric feeder for multiple station extrusion. With a growing number of global installations from year to year, each system is specifically customized to client needs in terms of feed type (starve or full extruder), system throughput, material quantity, usage percentage of each material, number of layers and more.

Unique Installation in Thailand

A FlowSave system recently installed in Thailand possess unique attributes – combining a low throughput gravimetric channel in one of the channels. This channel is based on LIAD’s ColorSave-Micro – a low-throughput feeding system that has been developed over the course of the last few years. Installed as a FlowSave channel, the ColorSave-Micro is controlled by the FlowSave control unit. In fact, this is the first continuous gravimetric feeding system in the world combining a micro gravimetric channel able to feed micro amounts of materials per hour.


Following years of extensive development at LIAD, this product provides a high rate of accuracy (0.01 g) for small batches, with extreme benefits for medical applications and applications requiring translucent products that are sensitive to color variations. Use of this system is gaining popularity mainly due to the rise in concentrative additives requiring a delicate and precise feed. A continuous process, ColorSave can easily and uniformly feed a low throughput of 50 g/h or less.

FlowSave with micro channel

FlowSave for Precise and Homogenous batches

Material flow is constantly monitored, while the controller manages the throughput automatically for all channels thus assuring a precise mixture of all elements. Precision feed also guarantees end-product stability and reduces over feeding and additional expenses gained due to colors and additives use.

The system has multiple configurations and is designed to handle extrusion loads of up to 1,500 KG/h. Its intuitive configuration allows installation of up to five feeding stations and feeding screws can be easily replaced to meet changing throughput ranges of various elements. The system’s unique and compact design does not require a large factory floor space either. Maintenance is simple and FlowSave is easily adaptable for materials of various densities. The system can also produce data in grams/meters, allowing ease of quality control without additional calculations by system operators. FlowSave communicates with the extruder controller and assures the required throughput and intuitively always adapts the throughput of each channel to assure a constant throughput rate of all materials.

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