BlendSave at K 2022

See BlendSave at the K 2022 exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany this coming October. BlendSave, a centralized dosing system, will operate and perform dosing and weighing throughout the exhibition days. The system which will be showcased at the exhibition will have 10 weighing channels and will perform the raw material feeding, weighing and dosing, as well as conveying using the OctoBatch distributing system with its 20 closed-circuit hoppers.

The significant advantage of this centralized system is that it can weigh different doses simultaneously, rapidly and accurately. Thus the system provides an efficient and effective solution for plants that process a large number of recipes fed to numerous extruders or injection machines and cannot afford inefficiencies and manual weighing errors, or the time required for local dosing equipment.

Systems similar to that which will be shown at the exhibition already operate at several plants throughout the world. You are invited to visit the LIAD booth in Hall 11/I54. Come see for yourself!

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