Making Plastics Manufacturing is easy using Centralized Gravimetric Blender LIAD’s BlendSave

LIAD is making plastics manufacturing smarter with BlendSave, the most advanced, patented automated resin management and blending system. BlendSave can optimize the flow of raw materials whilst offering unparalleled consistency and high throughput.

According to factory specifications, multiple BlendSave systems can be interconnected in true Industry 4.0 philosophy, providing the ability to control multiple processing machines hence creating a platform able to process an unlimited amount of raw materials and recipes.

BlendSave is a central automated resin management and blending system, that provides optimal factory management of multi-ingredients and multi-process machine combinations for all plastic manufacturing plants.ללל

Accuracy and Uniformity in every job

BlendSave is comprised of up to 14 weighing chambers fed directly from silos or containers. BlendSave simultaneously, accurately and consistently weighs raw materials, combining them as a batch according to pre-determined recipes to pre-determined processing machines. Each batch is distributed to its specific buffer deriving from up to 50 different chambers, and each chamber is linked to one processing machine. A mixer then receives content by a perfectly timed signal from the buffer. Batches can be adjusted achieving exceptional batch uniformity.

Dedicated weighing chambers eradicate the risk of cross-contamination eliminating the challenges faced when working with recycled plastics and various types of raw materials.

The 14 weighing stations can be configured as a 20-liter weighing chamber or as a 3-liter weighing chamber, providing a potential throughput of up to 3 tons per hour. Furthermore, weighing in parallel allows for the use of smaller load cells.

BlendSave can provide consistent and high-resolution weighing channels within 0.01g by utilizing a combination of dual weighing steps.


BlendSave provides full monitoring and control of customized job status, batch blending, historical graphs and performance reports for each machine and job by using an interactive PC dashboard or by linking BlendSave to a factory ERP system.

Switching between Jobs & Contamination Prevention

BlendSave’s dedicated weighing chambers are divided per raw material fed directly from materials silos eliminating the need for sterilization making the entire process of switching jobs extremely smooth. BlendSave uses a vacuum system and a high-pressured air blast between each batch to sterilize the common funnel and distributor pipe of the automatic manifold.


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BlendSave Patents

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