Successful Installation of Two FlowSave Systems at Modiform, Netherlands

We have recently successfully installed two FlowSave systems at Modiform, complementing the three previously integrated a few years back.

FlowSave system at Modiform, Netherlands

FlowSave: Precision Redefined

Our FlowSave stands at the forefront of continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric blending, answering the complex demands of the extrusion sector and designed for accuracy and homogenous dosing. With a production range of up to 1500 kg/h and the capability to feed up to six materials, FlowSave always ensures a constant blending ratio according to the recipe.

FlowSave's advantages are myriad — from a compact design and low space requirements to high precision, optimal homogeneous mixing, and dosing repeatability. The system not only offers significant savings in material usage and waste reduction but also allows for easy monitoring and control through gram/meter measurements. Extrusion control is an additional feature enabling real-time management of the extruder's flow rate. FlowSave adjusts the extruder's motor speed to maintain consistency in production, aligning with preset parameters despite fluctuations.

Installation at Modiform

Modiform, a leader in cultivating innovative solutions for the horticulture supply chain, finds a perfect ally in our FlowSave. The integration aligns seamlessly with Modiform's commitment to sustainability, crafting over 10,000 unique items worldwide from recycled raw materials.

Adriaan Hoogendoorn, Modiform's plant manager, attests to the reliability and accuracy of our FlowSave: “In navigating the challenge of swift color changes, FlowSave proved invaluable, offering precision, quick dye change capabilities, and proven reliability”.

Collaboration with 4Moulding

Our partnership with 4Moulding, the exclusive representative for BeNeLux, played a pivotal role in the seamless installation of FlowSave at Modiform. This collaboration reinforces the shared commitment to providing top-notch solutions in plastics processing.

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