Enhancing Extrusion with FlowSave Featuring Gram Meter Monitoring and Control

FlowSave, a continuous gravimetric blending system, typically operates in kilograms per hour units (kg/h). But what happens when the manufacturing specifications call for an additional metric? Some products, such as pipes or bags, have quality characteristics that are defined by grams per meter (g/m). In this article, we explore FlowSave’s capacity to bridge these two worlds, ensuring the precise production of products that hinge on the g/m metric.

When Gram/Meter Matters: Specialized Production Requirements

Manufacturers often face the task of meeting specific product specifications. For certain items, gram/meter holds the key to quality. This metric dictates the thickness of a product’s wall, and often it is intricately linked to the product’s overall durability.

Monitoring production under Gram/Meter

FlowSave excels in weighing the production in kg/h. To bring g/m into the mix, you also need to measure production speed in meters per second (m/s). The calculation is simple:

This equation enables the seamless transition between two distinct units of measurement.

Measuring the Speed of Progress

So, how do you measure production speed? The answer lies in the shaft encoder. Installed at the end of the production line, usually on the haul-off, it efficiently tracks the production speed. For each pulse it sends to the FlowSave control system, a defined unit of length is covered. Thus, by counting these pulses over a specific time interval, we can precisely gauge the production speed.

Shaft encoder on the haul-off device for speed measurement

Controlling production under Gram/Meter

FlowSave doesn’t just monitor; it controls. The FlowSave system can manipulate the production to achieve a specified g/m figure without altering production speed. If the target is a higher g/m value, the system amplifies the motor speed of the extruder, thus upping the flow rate and the g/m figure. Conversely, for a lower g/m value, the FlowSave system reduces the flow, resulting in a finer g/m metric.

FlowSave’s ability to traverse between kg/h and g/m exemplifies its adaptability and precision in production.

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