LIAD and Ampacet: A Powerful Partnership Driving Growth in North America

It has been about three years since we started our partnership with Ampacet, which has helped us grow significantly in North America. Our innovative solutions for inline quality control, such as the Spectro line of products, and micro dosing technology – ColorSave-Micro, have become even more popular with various customers.

ColorSave-Micro installations for small and accurate dosing

For example, we recently installed ColorSave-Micro gravimetric feeder on an 85-ton Engel injection machine to add 4% color on a 2.6-gram shot. This is a challenging low dosing requirement, and no space was available for mounting a typical batch blender. But our ColorSave-Micro feeder engineered for consistent and accurate dosing on small injection machines and extrusion lines came to the rescue! We also installed another ColorSave-Micro gravimetric feeder for a customer in eastern Pennsylvania, adding 2% color on a 14-gram shot making precision parts on a BOY 50-ton injection machine. Another successful installation of our ColorSave Micro gravimetric feeder is feeding an additive at 0.08 kg/hr on a recycling extrusion line, conveying PET flake, and adding an additive at the throat of the extruder at an extremely low rate.

ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeder with innovative features

These installations are just some examples of how our solutions promote automation, allowing customers to achieve accurate and consistent dosing for a wide range of applications. Our ColorSave 1000 Gravimetric Feeder is an additional example, which has become a go-to for customers requiring precision color dosing. It has been installed in a 3-1/2" extruder adding 2% color. In less than 5 minutes, the controller learned the flow characteristics of its single-color masterbatch and fixed on the target set point to dose accurately and consistently. The color touchscreen control includes a "Trends" screen that graphs desired versus actual results and even allows users to scroll back in time.

With its self-cleaning feature, self-calibrating, and remote control, ColorSave 1000 has become a popular choice for customers who value accuracy and simplicity. We helped a customer outside of Atlanta install several ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeders on a coex sheet extrusion line. One feeder is for color, and the other is for a foaming agent. Within minutes, the controllers zeroed in on the required dosing rates, and when they changed colors, the SmartClean feature made their changeovers effortless.

Flux Integrated Color System

Ampacet has expanded upon the BlendSave automated blending technology by engineering and installing the first Flux Integrated Color System in their masterbatch plant in Cartersville, GA.

The Flux system allows Ampacet to produce color masterbatch on-demand utilizing mono pigments that are blended automatically and accurately with the LIAD BlendSave blending technology. (first photo below)

Future Growth and Expansion

At LIAD, we are proud to continue providing our customers with innovative solutions that promote automation, accuracy, and efficiency. With our partnership with Ampacet, we're excited to continue growing our presence in North America and providing the best quality solutions to our customers. Ampacet is also expanding our reach for LIAD technologies in South America including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Ampacet’s next growth region is Asia with new business being established in Thailand and Japan.

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