Summary of 2022

In 2022, we experienced numerous developments and advancements. New solutions were created and existing products were improved. Additionally, the introduction of more digitization-based solutions allowed for progress toward Industry 4.0. The year ended with a successful display at the K Show.

Digitalization enhancement

Digitalization has become increasingly important in the manufacturing industry, as it allows for greater efficiency and accuracy in the production process. We have embraced digitalization through the development of LIAD-Cloud, a cloud-based monitoring solution that enables remote control and monitoring of manufacturing systems, as well as real-time alerts, and supports Industry 4.0 by providing real-time information that enables rapid repair of malfunctions. Overall, LIAD-Cloud helps to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.

The ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeder now has QR codes on its alarms screens to quickly address problems and malfunctions by providing maintenance personnel with dedicated pages of information when scanned. This streamlines the problem-solving process and reduces downtime.

Interactive showroom – live demonstrations of LIAD’s smart equipment and technologies

During 2022 we opened an interactive showroom for customers to witness live demonstrations of its equipment and technologies, including the BlendSave – a central blending system, Spectro 4.0 and ColorSave SpectroMetric – in-line color measurement and correction systems, and many of our other solutions. These technologies offer accuracy, automation, and real-time quality control for Industry 4.0 production processes.

Success at the last K show

At the K show in 2022, we showcased our central dosing system, BlendSave, alongside the OctoBatch distribution system. We also demonstrated our quality control systems, the Spectro 4.0 and ColorSave SpectroMetric . These systems use optical sensors to detect color deviations in products and can alert, sort out defective products, or halt production as needed. We were also able to meet with colleagues from Ampacet Corporation and to begin new projects with visitors from around the world.

New capabilities

During 2022 we have announced several new capabilities for our products. The ColorSave 1000 feeder now supports intrusion molding as well. In addition, we have added the option for imperial units in the ColorSave 1000, providing greater customization and flexibility.

In addition to these updates, we have introduced the MixeReceiver, a compact and easy-to-use device that combines mixing and loading into one. It simplifies traditional methods and is useful for mixing regrind and recycled materials.

These updates demonstrate our commitment to continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of our products to meet the needs of our customers.

We are looking forward to continuing to improve and expand our capabilities in 2023! Thanks to all our partners and customers who accompany us on this journey.

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