About Us

LIAD Smart technologies help customers improve production efficiencies, reduce waste, and achieve sustainability goals. LIAD has been a pioneer in plastic manufacturing technologies for over 40 years, we pioneered the single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines, and today LIAD Smart is one of the world’s leading developers of innovative feeders, blenders, and real-time quality control color solutions for the plastics industry.

Since its founding in 1979 by a small group of engineers specializing in weighing technologies, LIAD has been focused on delivering innovative, high quality and durable weighing and control equipment for the plastics, cement and packaging industries. The company has grown substantially since then, now employs nearly 35 software, mechanical and electrical engineers.

LIAD Smart technologically advanced feeders and blenders are complemented by a sales team with many years of expertise in plastics and building industry partnerships. This winning combination of technology and business development enables new business opportunities for plastic manufacturers worldwide and opens the door to unlimited possibilities in plastic production.


Innovation is the heart and soul of LIAD. Since the company’s founding we’ve developed new technologies and applications. This investment in innovation was first realized when LIAD introduced the ColorSave 1000, the first single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines, and followed by PelletSave, the first centralized blender and batch controller.

Today, as always, LIAD is leading the industry in new innovation with the release of new technologies that promise to change the way plastics manufacturing is performed.

Our Employees

Innovation thrives thanks to our talented employees. We carefully select and train employees, and give them the freedom to develop new ideas. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing our employees bring new solutions to market that answer the needs of our clients.

Our Partnerships

As our innovations evolve, the real success can only come with strong R&D partnerships. LIAD collaborates with scientists from the top universities to develop new technologies that bring value to the company and the entire industry.

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