In-line color control on the production line

Spectro™ is a patented in-line spectrometer, designed to detect minor color deviations (ΔE) of the end product relative to the standard, approved color. The system uses a differential photo-spectrometer to compare the color of the new product to reference color, calculates ΔE in real-time, and generates a pass/fail signal for each detected product according to predefined thresholds. Spectro™ is a PLC-based system, and equipped with a 7″ color touch screen for easy monitoring and control. The PLC performs sophisticated algorithms, and interface with advanced optic components. Spectro™ is equipped with an integrated probe for part measurement which can easily be integrated with a robot, an exit conveyor, or by other means to measure the color of the end product. The patented optical design allows a variable distance from the probe to the measured surface, and is unaffected by the ambient lighting conditions and the orientation, texture, and shape of the tested surface. Thanks to the self-calibration that Spectro™ performs, Spectro™ can filter interferences and detect small color deviations.


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