Modular Central Blender

PelletSave is a modular central blending and feeding system for multi-ingredient/multi-processing-machine combinations. The system’s central mechanical dosing structure provides highly accurate blending ratios, and when combined with its innovative control software, enables preparation and conveying of the required weighed batch to each of your plant’s processing machine – according to each specific job requirement.

The cost-effective PelletSave incorporates our sophisticated LIAD-View software package enabling comprehensive formulation and consumption control for a complete plant.

PelletSave offers factories a complete solution for all procession machines, both big and small, with one simple operation method for all.

PelletSave Advantages:

  • Significant saving in installation costs
  • Weighs up to 12 ingredients in each mixture
  • Supplies up to 50 processing machines 
  • No need for manual interference (opening/closing valves, changing hoses, cleaning residues of previous mixture etc.) when switching to new job with different mixture composite
  • Mechanically simple and robust, with few moving parts compared to conventional systems

General Configuration:

PelletSave is composed of the following sub-systems (see schematic system layout):

  1. Raw material intermediate hoppers (bins) – one for each anticipated ingredient. These bins are automatically fed from raw material storage silos via a vacuum conveying system and loaders.
  2. Central weighing, blending and feeding unit – prepares the required mixed batch for each specific machine and job.
  3. Designation unit and mixed material buffer bins – a conveyor conveys the prepared mixture from the mixing chamber into the required buffer bins, one for each processing machine (injection or extrusion), from which the mixture is conveyed to the machine itself via a vacuum conveying system and loaders (supplied either by the customer or LIAD).
  4. Central controller – controls the complete system operation, as well as collecting the data concerning the consumed materials and jobs.


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