SpectroMetric™ 6

SpectroMetric™ 6 system, a game-changer in the realm of in-line color correction. A closed-loop automated system combines advanced AI color measurement and correction technology with the latest colorant innovation, revolutionizing the way manufacturers approach color QC, especially with recycled material utilization.  The system retrofits onto existing extrusion lines.


Maximizing PCR Usage and Maintaining Brand Color Consistency

The SpectroMetric 6 system is designed to maximize the usage of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) and post-industrial recycled resins (PIR), reducing costs associated with downtime for color correction while ensuring that brand color specifications are consistently met. This innovative solution addresses the challenges posed by the inconsistency and poor quality of PCR and PIR, enabling manufacturers to leverage recycled materials without compromising product quality while maintaining machine uptime.  SpectroMetric 6 features an inline fiberoptic spectral sensor that measures color in real time during the extrusion process. Utilizing delta E calculations based on established L*a*b* color standards, the system calculates color variance and automatically corrects it. The contactless color assessment capability ensures accurate measurements regardless of the product’s orientation, texture, or shape, even for pelletized compounds.



Colorant Innovation with FluxQF™ Technology

SpectroMetric 6 incorporates the patented FluxQF™ mono pigment technology, formulated for superior and quick color distribution during extrusion. These highly-loaded FluxQF colors can counteract the poor quality and inconsistency of PCR, preventing the wasteful overuse of the base color masterbatch. The system determines the optimal pigment combination to correct the color and meters the FluxQF mono pigments directly into the extruder while feeding the base resin and PCR blend. It runs on L*a*b* specifications, continuously monitoring and optimizing colorant usage rates to maintain correct color specifications at the lowest possible levels, even when running PCR or regrind.  The system seamlessly integrates a gravimetric screw feeder for the base masterbatch color and five highly precise, patented gravimetric micro vibrating feeders. These feeders accurately meter the proper blend of FluxQF mono pigments to correct the color in-line, with the ability to dispense as little as a single gram of colorant through patented vibrational metering technology. This intelligent system has the potential to reduce overall colorant consumption and cost while maintaining the target color.


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