Gravimetric Batch Blender

BatchSave is a multi-ingredient gravimetric batch blender. The system prepares a batch in a weighing hopper, metering each material by high resolution load cells and filling each ingredient in turn according to a predefined recipe, then blend it in a mixer to create homogeneous blend.

Flexibility in production process

  • Up to 8 materials and up to 3000 Kg/h
  • Easy mounting either on production machine or on the floor


  • Sophisticate self-correction LIAD algorithm assures high and reliable accuracy
  • Primary, secondary or special metering valves for each material type
  • Split a material to two halves applicable
  • Accuracy up to ±0.1%
  • State-of-art mixer enables constantly homogeneous blend

Easy replacement and cleaning

Rigid but ideal mechanical structure offers most convenient cleaning of each compartment like material hoppers, weighing chamber and mixer upon changing ingredient materials to use.

Operator-oriented HMI color touch screen

All process from filling materials through to blend discharging can be monitored on a single screen. Also the operation status of each compartment can be checked at a look.

Flexible vacuum loading system interface

BatchSave can control all the loaders by allocating the loading time and operating filter clean for each of the loaders.

The system can work either as a part of a main vacuum system, or as an isolated vacuum system by using a local vacuum pump.


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