BlendSave Compact: Precision Dosing Scaled to Size

The new BlendSave Compact system provides the proven precision central dosing capabilities of our standard BlendSave at a lower height and a smaller footprint, optimized to fit space-constrained plastics processing facilities.

BlendSave Compact

Compact Design with Capacity to Spare

While full-sized BlendSave units require ceiling heights over 8 meters, BlendSave Compact fits into spaces under 6 meters, thanks to the Compact OctoBatch™, and takes up roughly a 1.5 by 1.5 meters footprint. Yet the system still delivers maximum dosing rates up to 1500 kgs/hour, so BlendSave Compact packs substantial throughput into its small-sized package!

The heart of the system – the Compact OctoBatch™ is only 1.3 meters high. It facilitates 10 separate bins for ready blends and has a full 360o rotating arm that is also able to move vertically to ensure clean and dust-free blend dispensing.

Compact OctoBatch™

Precision Dosing

Equipped with smart technology for advanced process control, BlendSave Compact enables accurate dosing of up to 10 weighing channels, and if needed additional modules of 10 weighing channels can be added to the system. Changing recipes is done in a breeze, with no need to stop the system or even the production machine.

Seamless Connectivity and Data Handling

BlendSave Compact seamlessly interfaces with smart process controls and data systems. The optional software package enables machine-to-machine communication and provides operational visibility through features like job tracking, material traceability, and batch reporting. This data integrates to the site’s broader ERP or MES system.

Reliable and Consistent Performance

Leveraging our decades of precision feeding expertise, BlendSave Compact delivers reliable, consistent central dosing for quality plastics output. The technology minimizes human errors and ensures accurate blending regardless of operating conditions or production runs, thanks to separate weighing channels. Processors gain greater process control and efficiency.


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