ColorSave 1000 – All Advantages in One Picture​

Learn about all ColorSave 1000 advantages by pressing the interactive dots on the picture below:

What are the advantages of ColorSave 1000?

ColorSave is a highly advanced and cost-effective single component masterbatch gravimetric feeder for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machines. The ColorSave 1000 is fairly called the best gravimetric feeder on the market. It enables extremely precise dosing and prevents overdosing of materials. Its loss-in-weight controlling function allows optimum adjustment of the operating point. ColorSave 1000 is easy to operate and requires zero setup time, which ensures maximal efficiency. Finally, it is suited to any injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machines to improve final product quality and reduces the number of rejects.

Internal weighing hopper

In addition to its advanced algorithms used by the feeder, the convenient user interface, and easy operation, the ColorSave 1000 has one more significant advantage – an internal weighing hopper. The weighing hopper (including its load cell) is within an outer container, so the weighing apparatus isn’t visible from the outside, making the ColorSave 1000 look like a volumetric feeder at first glance, rather than a gravimetric feeder. The weighing hopper is mechanically isolated from the rest of the system – the auger and its mechanism, the motor, pipes and hoses, connecting cables, etc.) The mechanical isolation of the weighing hopper is one of the patented solutions used in the ColorSave 1000.

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