DualSave – the success continues

Last year we first introduced our new “smart” dual feeding unit – DualSave. This automatic compensation system for plastic manufacturing has since been successfully integrated by dozens of customers into many production lines all around the world.

DualSave on a production machine

About the DualSave Unit

The unit can be used on any extrusion and injection molding machine, with the two feeders controlled by a single control system. The control system is based on the algorithms of the well-known ColorSave 1000 single channel unit. Each channel can be either gravimetrically or volumetrically controlled. The unit is particularly suitable for working with grinded and recycled materials to keep costs down.

Automatic compensation system for plastic manufacturing works with regrind while avoiding overdosage

The use of in-house regrind saves material costs and also contributes to sustainability. Usually the regrind material is incorporated with the virgin resin in variable percentages, depending on the quantity of regrind material available. In this case, the regrind material already incorporates a color additive in the percentage required for the end product, and this should be taken into account by calculating a new dosing ratio for the additive. Accordingly, the DualSave unit uses an automatic compensation system that adjusts the dosage rates for the regrind and additive streams.

Advantages of the DualSave system

DualSaven is an automatic compensation system that offers several attractive features. It is suitable for a wide range of production technologies, and the dosing screws can easily be changed to deal with differing materials. The user interface and the 7” display are designed for ease of use, and allow storage and use of 500 separate product recipes. The synchronization between the dosing stations, either volumetric or gravimetric allows the efficient use of regrind resin and leads to consistent high-quality products and a reduction in scrap rates.


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