Leading US Wastewater Treatment Company Installs Large Capacity ColorSave 1000 System

A leading wastewater treatment solutions provider in the US, recently faced the need to dose an additive into their large 4 kg final product. They required a feeding system that could deliver a wide capacity range of 3-90 grams/second of additive injection, support dosing 1-2 additives simultaneously, and handle high temperature PET additive dried at 170°C.

LIAD’s Solution – Extra Large ColorSave System

To meet these demanding requirements, we provided two ColorSave 1000 loss-in-weight feeder systems. The key components of the installed system included an extra-large 40-liter ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeder with a hinged door for easy access. This giant size unit provides the needed high capacity. There was also a second 10-liter ColorSave 1000 feeder for dual additive capability. The two ColorSave 1000 feeders are outfitted with standard features like loss-in-weight feeding for precision accuracy, and venturi emptying mechanisms.

Due to the high temperature PET additive at 170°C, several design measures were required to protect temperature sensitive components. Water cooling connections allow coolant to circulate around the feeder motor and load-cell assemblies to dissipate excess heat. Insulation barriers isolate the hottest section containing the hopper and additive from the other parts of the feeder. Additionally, ventilation fans extract air trapped between the external and internal hoppers which is heated by the hot PET granules.


40-liter ColorSave 1000 HT and 10-liter ColorSave 1000 HT gravimetric feeders

ColorSave 1000-HT: High Temperature Feeding

This is not our first encounter with dosing hot materials. We have previously developed a specialized high temperature ColorSave 1000-HT feeder designed to handle additive materials up to 200°C. Regular gravimetric feeders typically function only up to 40°C and can malfunction when exposed to high temperatures. Working with additives at such extreme heat poses immense challenges.

To address this, the ColorSave 1000-HT implements multiple protection mechanisms for critical system components. Cold water cooling maintains safe temperatures around the load cell and motor. Insulative barriers between the weighing hopper and feeder body prevent heat transfer. Venting fans extract built-up hot air. And specialized heat-resistant connections replace standard stainless steel.

So for this recent hot PET application, we could leverage extensive prior experience developing feeders for high temperature conditions. Building on the proven ColorSave 1000-HT platform, customized adjustments were made, including augmented cooling and insulation methods, to create a durable solution. Our expertise with high heat feeding continues enabling processors to work with the most challenging materials.

You can read more about ColorSave 1000-HT here: Gravimetric dosing of additives at high temperatures? Nothing to sweat about.

If you also have a feeding challenge, be sure to contact us. We, at LIAD, would be happy to find you a custom-made solution for your production requirements.

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