Remote Technical Support is Now Available

We are excited to introduce to you our new, groundbreaking feature – remote technical support, enhanced with augmented reality.
By simply downloading the app, you will be able to approach one of our highly qualified technicians with any technical question, regarding our systems. 

How does it work?

Augmented reality allows us to troubleshoot the problems with your systems remotely, directly on your mobile screen. At a glance, we are able to view what is happening with equipment and guide you by placing 3D markers on real objects.

When do you need our remote technical support?

Imagine that one of your machines suddenly stopped working. Since this moment is critical for your business, you need help immediately. You can quickly contact a remote technician, show them the problem using your mobile’s camera, and come to the right solution with their help.

3D Annotations

When approaching us through our augmented remote support app, our expert sees exactly what the on-site technician would see. The built-in advanced 3D object tracking allows our expert to “mark” the display with arrows, notes, and highlights. These annotations that you will see in the real-time, will help you to follow the expert’s instructions.


Our augmented remote support allows you to communicate with the expert through the voice call and live chat. In addition, it is possible to exchange files, such as manuals, instructions, or diagrams. 

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