New Interactive Showroom

The interactive showroom now allows customers to witness live demonstrations of LIAD Smart equipment and technologies during in-person visits or virtually via web access, by using an advanced multimedia system with multiple cameras at different vantage points. A working central vacuum material conveying system also simulates a real factory environment, and customers can also choose to provide their own raw materials for the most authentic and comprehensive testing available. Visit our Israel showroom without leaving your office.

Breakthrough new products

In addition to LIAD’s recognized products, such as the ColorSave 1000, ColorSave-Micro, and DualSave gravimetric feeders, new “breakthrough” patented technologies that embrace Industry 4.0 are also now on display.

LIAD showroom

BlendSave — Resin Blending Re-invented

BlendSave is a central, modular, multi-channel weighing and automatic material distribution system. Each raw material has a dedicated weigh hopper and the recipe components are weighed in parallel, allowing the use of small load cells for superior accuracy compared to typical batch blenders. After weighing, the OctoBatch automated distributor diverts the batch to small hoppers that are dedicated to each machine. The BlendSave system can have up to 50 separate raw material weigh hoppers fed directly from silos, gaylords, or other sources, and can feed up to 50 injection molding machines or extruders.

Spectro 4.0 Smart — In-line color control on the production line

Spectro 4.0 Smart is a self-calibrating in-line spectrometer that detects minor color deviations (ΔE) of the end product relative to the standard, approved color, and is designed for both injection molding and extrusion applications. If the color deviation exceeds a predefined range, an alarm is generated which can be integrated with the production machine for real-time quality control. The patented optical design allows a variable distance from the sensor to the measured surface and is unaffected by the ambient lighting conditions and the orientation, texture, and shape of the tested surface.

Spectro 4.0 Smart includes a PLC with a 7″ color touch screen and a spectrometer with an integral color measuring probe, which can easily be integrated with a robot, an exit conveyor, or by other means to measure the color of the end product.

ColorSave Spectrometric

The ColorSave Spectrometric combines the color dosing and quality control function into one product. The in-line spectrometer, Spectro 4.0 Smart, integrated into the ColorSave Spectrometric, detects the color deviation (ΔE) of the end products in real-time and automatically optimizes the dosing amount of the masterbatch to prevent under and over-dosing.

Like the Spectro 4.0 Smart, the ColorSave Spectrometric is a PLC-based system equipped with a 7″ color touch screen and includes an integral probe for measuring the color that can easily be integrated with a robot, an exit conveyor, or by other means to measure the color of the end product. In addition, the Spectrometric version also includes a precision screw feeder with a stepper motor for installation on the feed throat of the machine. In its initial customer trials the Spectrometric has provided significant savings of expensive color materials to several global manufacturers of consumer, food and beverage packaging, by reducing the color usage while still maintaining the desired color profile.

ColorSave 1000

The popular ColorSave 1000 single component gravimetric feeder, the first of its kind and sold worldwide for the past twenty years, includes an internal weighing hopper that is resistant to shocks and mechanical vibrations, providing superior accuracy and load cell protection. The ColorSave 1000 is intended for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding machines, and includes LIAD’s SmartClean automatic compressed air purging of the color or additive material in between changes, saving time and increasing operator safety.


The ColorSave-Micro is the most accurate feeder on the market for dosing small amounts of colors and additives on small injection molding machines and precision extrusion lines. The ColorSave-Micro is a true gravimetric, loss-in-weight feeder that uses a precision load cell for superior accuracy. It also uses a patented vibratory channel dispenser for dosing the material, which enables a wide dosing range from 50 grams/hour to 4,800 grams/hour.

ColorSave 1000V

The ColorSave 1000V is an economical yet advanced PLC-based volumetric feeder. After calibrating for the material being used, the feeder works by simply setting the shot weight and the masterbatch percentage for injection molding applications, or the required hourly masterbatch rate for extrusion applications. The feeder then adjusts the dosing rate automatically when synchronized with the machine.


The DualSave is a precision dosing system for feeding two materials controlled from an advanced PLC-based control. Each channel can be gravimetric or volumetric depending on the customer’s specific requirements, and the DualSave can be used for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications. The DualSave in the showroom has a volumetric feeder for regrind and a gravimetric feeder for masterbatch, which automatically compensates the color output according to how much regrind is being used. This “compensation” feature makes it an economical alternative to gravimetric batch blenders for applications that simply require adding color and regrind.

BatchSave – Gravimetric Batch Blender

BatchSave is a compact and economical gravimetric batch blender for blending a variety of raw materials. Each material is dispensed one at a time into a single weighing hopper, then the batch is dropped into the mixing chamber to deliver a homogenous blend either on the machine or mounted remotely.

FlowSave – Continuous Loss-In-Weight Gravimetric Blender for Extrusion

FlowSave is a continuous loss-in-weight blender that can blend up to 5 materials at a rate up to 1500 kg/hr. Separate load cells for each component allow constant monitoring and it automatically adjusts the individual material rates to match the extruder rate, maintaining the correct ratios. By using an optional shaft encoder, it can also monitor and control the throughput in terms of g/m. By continuously measuring the material flow (kg/h) and monitoring the product speed (m/sec), the FlowSave translates the throughput to g/m, which allows easy monitoring for the operator.


The MixeReceiver is a new patented device that combines a mixer inside a vacuum receiver, that provides a compact, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution as compared to using a standalone mixer and vacuum receiver.

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