The real reasons why Tosca chooses ColorSave 1000

We have been invited to spend a day at Tosca and see some of our products in action. Tosca Services, LLC has been our client for over 18 years. Today it owns multiple LIAD’s systems.

One of Tosca’s products

Tosca is a global leader in reusable packaging solutions. It has branches all over the world, and we visited one of them. This branch operates with 22 machines with a capacity varying between 90 to 1850 tones.

Tosca’s production field

We were lucky to talk to Nazir Ibrahim, the technical manager of Tosca. We asked him why he chose ColorSave 1000 and decided to share his answer with you.

«There are a lot of reasons why we always choose ColorSave 1000. First of all, ColorSave is extremely precise. It saves a lot of masterbatch and, as a result, money.»

Nazir stresses the accuracy of ColorSave 1000. He says that it saves him a lot of masterbatch and, as a result, money. According to him, he chooses ColorSave 1000 because it has a quick response to percentage change. It works with recipes, enables calibration of the raw material and saves in recipes, has a vector running to the required percentage, and reduces the usage of color by up to 10%.

“When using other gravimetric feeders, the percentage of color changes all the time. It happens due to lots of reasons, such as different density of the masterbatch. ColorSave 1000 contently monitors the material and gives out an exact percentage of color. Moreover, since the feeding is so accurate, we can reduce the masterbatch percentage even more, as such we save up to 10% from the amount recommended by the masterbatch producer.”

Nazir says, that ColorSave’s ability to perform a quick color change without having to stop production, is an ultimate advantage and is extremely beneficial during production.

Nazir Ibrahim, technical manager of Tosca

” And filnally, I am happy with the price. Compared to other similar products, ColorSave 1000 has a very reasonable price and definitely pays back“

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