Venturi Emptying Mechanism – no more climbing up

The most commonly used technique for charging colors in dosing unit requires manpower.
First of all, the unit must be manually emptied. It is done by an emptying hatch located at the base of the feeder and then the unit is refilled with a different color. In fact, emptying some feeders requires the removal of the entire feeder from the throat it’s attached to.

The entry point of a raw materials is the throat of the machine. Generally, it is not readily accessible, especially in mid to large size injection molding machines and extruders. That way, the operator has to perform dangerous tricks, by climbing up the machine in order to change the color in the dosing unit.

Venturi Emptying solution

Using venturi loader, a method, based on air pressure principles, is very common for manufactures for filling color dosing systems. LIAD, on another hand, has come up with Venturi emptying technique. The mechanism is specially created for ColorSave 1000 for dosing Gravimetric and Volumetric units.

Venturi Emptying Mechanism is a state-of-art invention for charging colors in dosing unit. It is located at the base of the feeder, where the emptying hatch usually is. This mechanism, similarly to the Venturi Filling Mechanism, operates with an air pressure principle. With Venturi Emptying, there is no more need for physical access of an operator to the feeder. The process is controlled through a touch screen and extracts the colorant automatically.

How does it work?

The emptying mechanism includes a piston that opens during the emptying process. At the same time, the air pressure draws out the colorant. When the Venturi emptying mechanism is activated, the feeder’s screw turns backwards to release grains of colorant from the screw area, improving the cleaning process, it’s possible, as well, to add an air nozzle connected to the throat opposite the feeder. This allow the release of a jet air directed towards the feeder’s screw for more efficient cleaning. Residual colorant is emptied into a container located near the operator, so the change of color is done on the operator’s level.

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